Gone with the Wind in Ramakkalmedu.

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Town Information
A tiny village town in the Western Ghats falling on the border between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Known for being perenially breezy and the stunning views from the top of the hills.

Route Information

Aluva - Perumbavoor - Kothamangalam - Neriamangalam - Cheruthoni - Kattapana - Thookupalam - Ramakkalmedu.


There is an alternate route that goes through Adimali road. However, the one mentioned above is the recommended route. Roads are two-laned and in reasonably good condition. But it is the high ranges and they are all winding roads with some dangerous curves.

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We started the drive from Aluva after 20:00. Driving in heavy rains in pitch darkness in the high ranges on roads that we were not familiar with, it took us more than 4 hours to finally reach our destination, which was only around 130 km away. Fortunately for us, there were people waiting for buses in some of the towns along the route and we managed to get to the place without getting lost. You would also see many folks walking alone in this darkness. Dropped off one guy at his home.