The Experiment in Unity in Auroville.

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Town Information
Auroville is the realisation of human unity. A revolutionary concept that started in the 1960s, Auroville is a universal township with residents from across the globe living together as one.  It is a daring experiment in human unity in an increasingly diverse world with immense focus also laid on adaptation of technology for sustainable living.

Route Information

Route 1: Bangalore - Krishnagiri - Vellore - Arcot - Vandavasi - Tindivanam - Auroville. This route is not a direct or straight route, but is the best option available at present considering the condition of the roads in the Tiruvannamalai route and the length of the Salem route. Tourers are advised to be well prepared with directions before embarking on this route as depending on road signs alone is not advisable in this route.


Route 2: Bangalore - Krishnagiri - Karimangalam - Harur - Theerthamalai - Tiruvannamalai - Tindivanam -Auroville. This is an alternate to the original Tiruvannamalali route where you avoid the under construction National Highway all the way till Tiruvannamalai.

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