The RX 100

Emotional attachment is as good a reason as any other to buy and hang onto a bike. This RX 100 has had quite an eventful history. It has changed hands multiple times, met with a near fatal accident, gone through long spells of bad handling and also through long spells of repairs and diligent attention before it finally fell into the hands of XTC.


Upgrading from a Hero Hawk Nu Age to an RX 100

The RX 100 is a perfect city bike; with its lightweight and slim frame and a small but effective two-stroke engine, the bike can zip and weave through bumper to bumper traffic with ease. 'Born to Lead', the slogan used to market the bike originally, is reinforced to the mind of the rider every time the bike launches from a traffic signal; leading all the way till it reaches its limited top speed.


With stars from another generation

Infamously known as the 'robber bike', the RX 100 is quite popular among youngsters who love to rev the noisy two-stroke engine and even pop some wheelies, causing heads to turn everywhere, including those of the law enforcement authorities.


The bike of the youth

As an owner, if you clean the bike occasionally to get rid of all the dust and grime and also occasionally lube and adjust some of the key moving parts, then you would understand why the commonly held belief that this old bike requires a lot of maintenance is something of a misconception.


Getting all cleaned up


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